Today was interesting. I awake at 3pm after staying up till 6am, once again a stupid decision on my behalf, but I make a promise to myself to find something to help me sleep at night. I decide to start my day off with a ham and cheese sandwich from Dunkin' Donuts. I maps the closest one and skate to it. I end up having to go to another two Dunkin' Donuts because apparently only one in every 5 serve meat.... c'mon America, I thought you had your shit more together than that. Anyways, after skating 30 blocks (75th street to 101st street) I finally find a Dunkin' Donuts that serves meat, and ironically it's the smallest one of the three I went to, weird. Anyways, I get my ham and cheese breakfast sandwich and a large Ice Coffee, and when I say large Ice Coffee, I don't mean some small ass starbucks sized "Venti", Im talking at the movies, gallon large size. I was very satisfies. After finishing my sandwich, I decide to go to central park. Conveiniently it was 3 blocks over from the Dunkin' Donuts, so I skated over and made my way in. I climbed a beautiful set of stairs that brought me to a concrete path that I was able to skate down. After finding a beautiful bench next to the lake in central park, I decide to sit down and try to write some lyrics. Something I haven't done in a while. It was very peaceful to flex that muscle again. I then walked down to the water near the lake and snapped some shots. After I had only taken a couple of photos, a woman walked next to me and started throwing bread for the ducks. Suddenly 20 or so ducks swarmed around this woman and I was able to snap a great action shot her feeding the birds. Dad then called me to see how I was doing, we talked for 5 minuites or so, then I headed back to the apartment. On my way back to the apartment I went camera crazy. There were some beautiful statues I photographed portraits of. Dusk was approaching and the light beautiful illuminated some walls, I photographed them and ended up taking another hour to get back to the apartment. I then had the rest of the left over pasta for dinner and decided to do the dishes and clean Joe's stove. I then headed to bed at 2:30am for my shoot with Micheal Epps at 3pm tommorow. A very chill day that I could have taken better advantage of, but I was still pleased with the photo's I got.  

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    Justin Sterling

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    August 2012