I awake at 8:15 am for my flight to New York at 11:45. After packing up my scattered belongings in the hotel room, we check out and make our way to Sea-Tac. After arriving and doing self check-in for Delta Airlines, realizing my flights arriving at JFK oppposed to LaGuardia, me and mom make our way for security. I realize that this is the last time I wiill see my mother for two months. We say our goodbyes and things get weepy because we know well miss eachother. I go through security and make my way for gate S7 for flight 182. After arriving at gate S7, a sign says the flight has been moved to gate S3. After arriving at the gate and trying to get a seat assingment from the bitchiest asian woman I've ever talked too, I decide to try to get some breakfast before my flight. I contemplate waiting in the 50 person line for "Seattles Best Coffee" but deside to go with the "Sea-Tac Grill". I try to order their breakfast sandwich but the woman blurts out "NO BREAKFAST!", Sorry I thought you'd still be serving breakfast at 10 in the morning, my mistake, bitch. So I make a split second decision to go with a hamburger meal. My stomache was upset so I chucked the meat and just ate the bread and condiments, hoping it would hold me over for the flight. After waiting again to be assigned a seat, Im finally waiting in line to board.
My ticket is scanned and I'm walking on the terminal to the plane. After being greeted by four of the most ancient flight attendents i've ever seen, I make my way to my seat "14F". Luckily I got a window seat, so I would be able to snap shots throughout the whole plane ride, but on the down side I was beside a large sweaty persian man and behind a large black man that had his seat fully relined. Oh what a comfortble plane ride this was going to be. But enough of my bitching. The plane ride was alright, I mostly watched womans volleyball for the whole time, I also messed around on my IPad a little, typing down good jazz artists from the plane music section. After a sketchy landing, we had to wait ten minutes for the other plane to leave the Tarmac, giving me enough time to wait for the right angle to catch a plane infront of a sunset.
I departed the plane and made my way for bagge claim to meat Ariel. After metting her we got my luggage and waited for Adrianne to pick us up in her Nissan. Seeing Adriane again was great, shes such a great person. I thanked her for being able to pick me up from JFK, cabbing would have been 50$ into the city. We get to Joe's apartment then go out for Sushi at Haru on Amsterdam St. Such great sushi. Ariel then treated me to 16 "?", it was a make it yourself Pinkberry practically, chelsea would've loved it. Then we walked back to Joe's apartment, I said my goodbyes with Adrianne and Ariel, and went upstairs. Joe went over a few ground rules of the appartment and gave me some advice about transportation. Dad then Magic-Jack'ed me and I got to check up on him and dyl, they seem to be doing alright, dad also talked with Joe and made a good impression. I then blazed a joint with Joe surpisingly and had some very deep discussions about life, he told me his passion in writing, and how he came to New York when he was 25 to try to fufill his mother's dreams of making it in the acting buisness, he also told me about his mid-life crisis and how when he hit 50 he realized he needed to decide what he wanted in life, and his epiphany was he was doing what he wanted to do, he was taking care of the one's he loved. He also gave me one important piece of advice for my journey here that I should always follow, "stay authentic, be yourself". I really took those words and that moment to heart. I need to stay myself here in New York and not let things get over my head. I don't need to be mr pompous anything. I just need to be myself. It really cleared some anxiety i've been having. Joe then went to bed, I unpacked, then began writing this. It is now 2:13 am New York time, but to me its still 11:13 in Vancouver. I have a meeting with Christophe at New York Model Management in 7 hours and 47 minutes that I need to get to bed for. Goodbye till tommorow Weebly. This day was a journey in itself. 

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    Justin Sterling

    A 18 year old artist working as a model in New York City. My thoughts and events throughout my everyday life.


    August 2012