Sitting here on my bed on 505 West Queens, North Vancouver, an hour before my depature to start this new life. I've had months to properly prepare for this day mentally, but I still cant help feeling like i'm unprepared. The feeling of checking over everything you've packed twice and still the thought that your forgetting something. My mom is driving out from Kelowna to help me get down to Seattle for my meeting with Heffner Agency and Nordstrom Agency on monday morning. I'm excited for New York and all the experiences it has for me, at the same time im nervous about my brother while I'm gone. After moving into my fathers house about a month ago, there is allot of unsettled tension. I don't feel good about leaving my brother in a vulnerable position with my dad, though at the same time, this is a new beginning for dylan to embark on his own life, make his own adventure. I am now typing on my laptop from our hotel at the Charton in Seattle. It's mondy night. Mom is sleeping while im typing and I should be in bed for my meeting with Heffner Agency in the morning.
 When me and dylan said our goodbyes he broke down. It's such a gut wrenching moment when you truly realize just how much you mean to a person.
I am nervous. I am scared. I feel alone. But at the same time im happy. It's good to be able to step away from the chaos of the last couple of years and focus on myself for awhile. This will be quite the adventure i'm starting. Just remember Justin. Be yourself and know you are loved. No matter what your doing. 

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    Justin Sterling

    A 18 year old artist working as a model in New York City. My thoughts and events throughout my everyday life.


    August 2012