11:54 PM. My flight leaves for New York in approximately 11 Hours and 36 minuites. Today was quite the day. Awoke at 7:30 after having the worst sleep of my life. First night without marijuana and I was awake as a bat. I tossed and turned in bed from 12 to 1 trying to sleep and eventually passed out. I awoke again at 4 with a churning stomach. I ran to the bathroom ensuring I did'nt throw up all over the hotel room. I layed hunched over the toilet for about 15 mins heaving and heaving trying to get out whatever was upsetting my stomach. Back to waking up at 7:30. I felt horrible and was not looking forward to my meeting with Heffner Management at 10. After some large cups and some water I was feeling better. Me and mom went and got breakfast at a quaint little diner here in Seattle, sharing an eggs benedict and ordering two sides of mashed potatoes and hashbrowns that were WAY to large for us to eat. We decided to get it to go and try to give it to a homeless person who needs it more than we do. We arrive infront of Heffner Management at 9:55, we get buzzed up and are greeted by the art director at Heffner, a tattoed petite asian woman with spacers but a gorgeous smile and amazing energy. She leads us into the agency where we are meeted by "?" (find out other womans name at Heffner), mom waited in the agency while the art director led me upstairs to do some digitlals for the agency. I was slightly nervous during the shots so I held back a little bit, but overall it went smoothly. From there, "?" gave me directions to go and meet with Nordstrom at "Studio N". Me and mom get slightly lost on our way to Studio N but we find it and arrive by 10:50, a little early for my 11:00 meeting. A random helps us into Studio N and helps us try to find Lucinda who was in a meeting. We wait for a couple of minuites and are taken to a seperate room where Lucinda is having her meeting. Lucinda then rises from the meeting, comes over to us and leads us into another room in Studio N where she tells me she will need to continue with the meeting, I end up meeting with the head of Male Model Design at Heffner, an awesome woman with great energy. After a very short meeting she says she will contact Heffner if she ever needs me. After Studio N, me and mom drive back to Heffner to drop off my book and company cards. After arriving back at Heffner, "?" gets me to fill out a standard contract with the agency, and a tax form. After me and mom leave Heffner, my day as a model is done! The next box on the list was my saving bonds. Me and mom travel to a Bank Of America and get the bonds delt with. I had $650 in face value with my bonds, but unfortinately they are only worth face value after 20 years of purchase, so my bonds only amounted to $495. After that the next box on the list was a cell phone. Lucky for us, Verizon Wireless was right across the street, so we entered, made an appointment for 10 mins. later, grabbed a starbucks, then came back and got my phone figured out. I was a little upset that I wasn't able to tranfer over my IPhone, It would have made navigation in New York easier. After we figured out my phone we decided to go to try and find some clothes. Conviently there was a Nordstroms down the street from Verizon so we stopped in to see if they had any good crew neck white tee's. We couldn't find what we were looking for and all of the white shirts were very overpriced. We decided to go to H&M. I get a couple sweaters, some khaki shorts, a black pair of pants, a black pair of shoes, a white, black, mid-grey and dark-grey crew neck shirts, and some work out shorts. All set for NY! Afterwards we decide to get some lunch, then go to the Museam of Rock and Roll and Science Fiction! We also visited the Space Needle which was awesome. Afterwards, we go to get shaving supplies at the drug store, and what else behind the counter besides, 12 DOLLAR 2'6s. You can actually afford to be an alchoholic in Seattle. Afterwards, me and mom went to "Fisheries", a great little seafood resturant near the water and had a heart to heart about me, it was a very touching moment. We then came back to the hotel for the night around 9:30 and gave Dyl and Dad a call, they seem to be doing fine despite my departure. I am very excited for New York tommorow after today. Adrianne is going to pick me up with Ariel to take me to Joes. I am kind of nervous but overall just excited. This shits actually happening man, it isn't just a distant dream anymore. Confidence is key. You deserve this.

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    Justin Sterling

    A 18 year old artist working as a model in New York City. My thoughts and events throughout my everyday life.


    August 2012