I awake at 11am to the radio on my alarm. I'm glad I made the investment to purchase it because it actually wakes me up. I start getting ready for my shoot with Micheal Epps at 4. I clean the closet that my belonging are in here at Joe's, I let it get sort of unruly for the last 5 days and decided that it was time to deal with it. I do other random things around the appartment until 3pm then I head out the door for my shoot. I hop on the 79th street 1 train towards downtown. I get off on 14th street and take the L train towards Brooklyn. I get off at the N 7th street stop where Micheal said he would like to meet me, I walk up the exit from the subway and meet Micheal Epps, we start talking about both of our backgrounds until his make-up and hair assistant arrives. After waiting for about 5 minuites, Kim arrives, he apologizes for being late due to a late night at a fashion party, and introduces himself. We then take off for the first location. After walking for about 5 blocks we arrive at our first location, a large industrial building near the water. Micheal lets me know we will be shooting black and white portraits today and Kim starts on my hair and make-up. After shooting 10 or so shots at the location Micheal say's we got the shot and were off to our next location. We walk another 6 or so blocks when we arrive at a great run-down brick wall. Micheal says this is our second location and we shoot another 10 or 15 shots, Micheal one again say's we got the shot and take off for our third location. After walking 8 or so blocks, Micheal can't find the right spot to shoot, he say's "well walk another block or so, and if I can't find what i'm looking for well call it a wrap". We then walk another two blocks and are at the L train entrance. Micheal then is about to call it a wrap, but he spots a "pogo" ice cream truck parked on the side of the street, he decided he wanted this to be the third location and shoots another 10 or so photos. He then says "we got it" and thats that. Kim departs and I thank him for his time and say that it was great working with him. Micheal is coincidentally taking the L train aswell to get back home, so I ride it with him to 14th street and we part ways, I thank him for his time aswell and say it was a pleasure working with him. I then take the 1 back to 72nd street. I realize my stomach is yelling at me for not eating anything all day, so I stop at Freddie's to get his amazing pizza. I get the same tomato, mozzarella, bazil slice as I did last time, but this time decide to try the spinach and feta calzone. Sweet damn that was the best meal I've ever eaten. Every bite was better than the previous because I was so damn hungry. I then make my way back to Joe's. I realize i'm out of smokes so I get changed and head down the block to Dwayne Reed to grab some Marlboro Blacks and some dish detergent for the apartment. I then get back to Joe's and realize I have a night to kill. I decide to try to get onto the roof. On the fourth floor there is a ladder leading to a wooden hatch that I suspected to be locked. After realizing it was unlocked I grabbed my camera and headed up to shoot. It was such a great experience being on a New York rooftop. Seeing the city from a new perspective. I shot rustic texture shots and the buildings. I was up there so long that I was able to get some great night shots. I love the city at night. It has such a majestic feeling to it. So dangerous yet so calming at the same time. After I was done shooting I headed back to the apartment, checked up with mom, dad, and even facetime'd for an hour with eden. Which brings me to now. Sitting behid this dell laptop recording my life so these days don't fade into the distance. I have a casting with Calvin Klein that I should be getting to bed for. Goodnight my journal. We shall meet again tommorow.

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    Justin Sterling

    A 18 year old artist working as a model in New York City. My thoughts and events throughout my everyday life.


    August 2012