Day 4 in New York begins frantically once again. After staying up untill 4 in the morning watching CSI:NY, I awake at 11:40 after my IPhone and Cell phone alarms have failed to wake me up. I have a casting with Shahid & Company in 20 minuites and I've barely jumped out the shower and thrown my clothes on, I run out the door and get to 72nd street station, I forgot my metro card so I buy another one and swipe the turnstill, as I'm waiting for the 1 train, I realize i've forgot my book at the apartment. I sprint back and grab my book and run to the 1 train. I hop on the 1 train and made my way downtown. I miraculously make it to my casting 10 minuites late. It is a casting for Abercrombie & Fitch so i'm very happy I wasn't to late. I make a promise to myself that I wont let this happen again, and to ensure that promise I will buy myself an alarm clock. After the casting with Shahid & Company I have an hour to get to my casting with Daniel Kim. I get a bite to eat at Dunkin Donuts and make my way to my secong casting of the day. The casting is at South Street right next to the Brooklyn Bridge. The casting with Daniel Kim goes well. He gets me to walk for him and lets me know that I slouch to much when I walk and to be very conscious of keeping my head up and spine straight. On my way leaving Daniel Kim's I decide to take a couple of photos of the lobby. While i'm adjusting the camera settings a model that had walked into Daniel Kims during my casting is walking down the stairs, she asks for directions to the subway and I give her some help, she introduces herself. Her name is Carina Dietz and she is a model from Sri Lanka. After I finish helping her find her way I take a walk along the South Street bike path and shoot the bridge. I love the Brooklyn Bridge, such a stong beautiful structure. After i'm done shooting  for an hour or so, I decide to try to find a place with wi-fi in hopes of buying an alarm clock. Im walking down a beautiful cobblestone street shooting photos of the skyscrapers when I see a woman handing out free Iced-tea samples outside a modern looking coffee shop. I ask if they have wi-fi and it turns out they did. I decided to go in and try out their Iced Chai tea latte.  


I then try to find somewhere where I can purchase an alarm clock. I try a random store across the street from the coffe shop but all they have is a kids donald duck ringing alarm clock. I was not down. I decided to take the 2 at the South street station and then the 1 from Times Square to get back to Joe's apartment. It was 3:30 and I remembered Joe was having a futton delivered at 4. I rush back to his place by 4:10 and we ended up waiting until 5 for the futton. We smoked half a joint while waiting, right as we finished our smokes after blazing, the guy for the futton buzzed. So we went downstairs and brought the box upstairs. Took the futton out of a shitload of packaging and placed it in the living room. I now have a futton to sleep on, makes things sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better at night. I then decided to run off to Dwayne Reid in hopes of finding an alarm clock, after searching both floors of the drug store I was unable to find an alarm clock. I then asked a woman where I could get one and she directs me to 72nd street. I get my alarm clock for 20$ and head back to the apartment. After openeing the door I see a note on the table.

Joe had left me a roach and a half joint for the weekend! What a dope roommate! I was pretty stoked so I map'sed a smoke shop where I could pick up a little pipe for blazing the amount of bud he left me. I sure as hell wasn't going to smoke them in the papers. Would just be a waste. Anyways. I go to a small smoke shop down on 71st street and Columbus. I get to the door and I see a "back in 3 mins sign" I wait till the guys back then buy the most over-priced glass one hooter i've ever gotten in my life. Even though it was only 10$ it was still 5 or so to many. I did'nt really care though, I was just happy i'd get to blaze tonight. Sleeping has been pretty difficult for me, but now with a one hoot and a futton, i'll be as comfy as a king. I then get back to the apartment, help myself to some leftover pasta. Make a mixed Ice-tea and grey goose drink. Enjoy my dinner, smoke all the weed in one hoots, enjoy another mixed drink, then stay up to 6am watching, Anger Management, Wilfred, and CSI:NY. Wasn't the smartest decision. Also considering I had made a promise to myself to get to bed earlier, earlier that day. But hey, i'm only human.   

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    Justin Sterling

    A 18 year old artist working as a model in New York City. My thoughts and events throughout my everyday life.


    August 2012