Today I awake at 10. I have a casting with Bullet Magazine at 11:30 for a "Romance Teaaser Video". When I got the email for the casting I was very curious as to what they would want us to do. I got ready, had some coffee and was out the door. I arrive at the casting at 11:20, I go up an elevator and enter at the offices of Bullet Magazine. The receptionist asks if i'm there for the casting, she points me to a couch to wait. I meet with Matt at bullet magazine, he gets me to fill out a form and then hand me a sheet explaining what they want. They are plainning to do a 5 location video with this blonde model making out with five different models at different locations in New York. I could'nt beleive what the guy just said to me. They want to actually pay male models for making out with a gorgeous blonde woman. I was awstruck. He got me to do a quick digital, as well as a short video saying my name, where i'm from, and what I look for in a girl.  I replied with "a good sense of personality and humor", a pretty weak answer, but I was put on the spot, so it was the best I could come up with. He then said were done and I was on my way. I came back to the apartment, wen't on the roof for a bit, then settled in for the night. A pretty cool day, excited to hear about that casting. Fingers crossed

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    Justin Sterling

    A 18 year old artist working as a model in New York City. My thoughts and events throughout my everyday life.


    August 2012