I awake at 11:45 after staying up untill 5am watching breaking bad. Probably the stupidest decision I've mad in my life. I had a go-see 45 minuites before I woke up with Pansella and Son and another in 15 miuites that I was doomed to miss. I once again kicked my shit in gear, took a 5 minuite shower and raced out the door to get to my go see with COACD Casting Agency where I met with Kathy Lo, she was a really chill asian chick, she took a couple of digitals and said were good. From there I had a couple of hours to kill so I decided to go back to Model Management to do some digitals for their website. I then headed to Daniel Peddle Casting Agency for another go-see, which went well, then headed to 12 Mercer street for a creative shoot. The shoot went well, we walked around downtown shooting some street shots. After that I tried to find my way back to Joe's, I got pretty lost and had to use maps. I stopped at 75th and Amsterdam to get some takeout from "The Hummous Place" for dinner and walked back to Joes. We then hung out for a couple hours watching TV, smoked a joint, I ran to the drug store to pick us up some smokes, then watched more TV. All in all it was a good day.

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    Justin Sterling

    A 18 year old artist working as a model in New York City. My thoughts and events throughout my everyday life.


    August 2012