I awake at 10:30. I have to be in Queens in an hour for a creative. I'm freaking out but make it out the door by 11. I make it down to Queens by 11:28 for my shoot with "insert name here", the shoot is in a top floor studio of an apartment building. I brought an assortment of shirts and pants for the shoot that the photographer had asked me to bring before hand. We do black and white shots, he gets me to slick my hair back, and the photo's turn out great. I'm very excited to get them back. We finish after about an hour and then I take the subway to Times Square. I do some touristy shit for a bit, photographing the busy people of Times Square, the street performers, the con-men trying to get suseptable tourists to buy their overpriced shit. I then get a call from Christophe. He says I need to get another haircut, he saw the "Blue Angel" photo with Micheal Epps and thought my hair is dominating my face too much. I make my way to Issac's to get a haircut then head back to the agency to get new digitals done. Afterwards I grab some subway and head back to the apartment. I then chill for a  bit until Joe gets home. We hang out for a bit, he order's mexican for the two of us and then he shows me the I Ching. The prophecy book of the eastern philosophy. He got me to toss 3 coins 5 times and then handed me a section of the book that is most relevant to my life at the present time according to the coin tosses. It was uncanny how spot on the coins where. It brought me to the section of innocence. The one thing in life that I feel was robbed from me. It goes on to talk about not holding on to one that has caused you great pain, and to learn forgivness, because forgiveness is the only path to sanction. to hapiness. It then goes on to talk about creativity, the only gift in life I feel that I has came completely naturally. It tells me to embrace creativity. To constantly create unconditionally, to find my happiness from my desire to create. It was profound how relevant the section was to my life. It was much more than cercimstance. I feel I was ment to read that. That it was neccisary. That something in this universe brought me to reading this that was beyond my control. I found myself in a moment of clarity. Everything made sense at that moment. I cannot hold onto the pain my father has caused me, I must release the hate.

It really threw me back. I really needed it. Things have been caving in for awhile and reading that brought me great guidance.

I then went onto facebook. Amy, another model from Liz Bell out here on her own contacted me. She wanted to know if I wanted to get coffee tommorow. I said definately and we ended up having an hour conversation about our lives and aspirations. It was great. Stoked to have coffee with her tommorow.

My Uncle Bill and Jiles contacted me aswell. Uncle Bill is coming for pizza tommorow at freddies for 5:30 and i'm going to Jiless place Sunday for dinner. 

Overall a day of running around with a reassuring end. 

Goodnight for now Journal. Well meet again tommrow.


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