Its 7:37pm, I'm watching CSI, really baked. I never thought this would happen when I was in New York. I expected this to be a very weedless journey, but I had been mistaken. Today was a good day. It began very franticaly after a very sleepless night. I was unable to get proper sleep due to the air-conditioner turning on and off repeatedly. Texted with chels around 5 am, then tried to pretend sleep around 6 when Joe got up, to avoid any problems. He hit one button, and turned off the air-conditioner. If I only would have known I could save my night of sleep. I ended up pretend sleeping too well and fell asleep with my alarm turned off with my meeting at with the New York agency in 5 hours. 

I awake at at 8:50 in kind of a blur, but the second I realize I have an hour and ten minuites to get to the agency I kick my ass into gear, get ready and headed out the door.  I go to 72nd Street station and take the B line, I can't see any signs at the first stop so I ask a random woman beside me if this is Broadway and Lafayette, the stop I had to get off at, she replies "Yeah,  I think so", so I jumped off the train. I quickly realize it wasn't my stop, I was at 42nd, another 7 stops from Broadway and Lafayette. I wait for the next train and make my way to New York Model Management, I arrive and meet everyone on the team and have a conversation with Christophe regarding calling the agency if anyone tries to get me to do any things out of my comfort zone, he also explains to me the importance of contact the agency directly after I receive my schedule at 5. They also tell me my hair is to shaggy and send me to Isacs barber shop about a 20 minuite walk away. I stop at subway for lunch and head to Isacs. I arrive at a very classic barber shop you'd see in any american movie from the 70's. I got my hair cut by Isac and I noticed on his mantle he had a framed page from a magazine. It was an interview and the first question was: where do you get your haircut? He responded, "A couple of years ago I was walking down the street and decided to go with a random haircut, Isacs been cutting my hair ever since". It was pretty cool to see just how small of a world this really is. I then made my way back to the agency to get my book, and headed back for Joes. I hopped on the West 4th Street station and headed off.
I got changed at Joes and headed for TD to set up my american bank account, as well as stopping at Blades to get a new skateboard. I then head to Freddies Pizza and have two of the most amazing slices iv'e ever tasted.
After Freddies I headed back to the apartment, Smoked a couple joints with Joe, and have been watching random shows on demand since, while smoking cigarettes in the apartment. New York is great so far, I have a very busy day ahead of myself tommorow and should be getting to bed, goodbye for now weebly. We will meet again tommorow.

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    Justin Sterling

    A 18 year old artist working as a model in New York City. My thoughts and events throughout my everyday life.


    August 2012