"What do you want to be when you grow up?", A question iv'e been asked my whole life. For a peculiar reason I have always half assed the answer with saying an artist, because i've always known i'm a creator. I have, however though, never fully questioned myself as to what type of artist I would like to be, or what medium of art i'd even like to create. As children, we think the words "growing up" mean becoming like mom and dad, when in reality, we are much too young to understand the real concept behind those two dreadful words. If only someone had told me the truth, I could have prepared for the shock.

The phases of growing up are like a horrible date. They start off real nice and eventually smack you in the face. I remember back in kindergarten when there used to be nap time. Oh how I took that for granted! If only they still had an hour of sleep a day at school still. If school over the years wasn't difficult enough, now you have to prepare for college and life on your own on top of graduating high-school. All happening rapidly with no time to breathe.

Growing up causes the "unthinkable" to happen, it  brings more responsibilities. The days of mom coming in my room every morning and saying, "Time to get up!" are now limited. I never thought i'd have to go out get a job, be responsible for my life. Weren't mom and dad supposed to take care of me forever? Today, I have to make sure I have money to get a bus pass, pay a cell phone bill, buy my own clothes, and have at least a dollar left over for the ninety-nine cents menu at McDonalds. Someone also failed to mention that as I got older the prices would rise and an apartment could be as high as six hundred dollars per month. 

Growing up leaves no time for fun. I remember being eleven years old and going to Chuckie Cheese's or the movies every weekend. Sometimes my friends and I would even get bored because we had nothing to do. That isn't the case anymore. My weekends are now spent looking at the walls of my bedroom, along with the stack of books I have to read and analyze by Tuesday morning. My days of "cruising" with friends down Lakeshore and kicking the shit have almost vanished.

Children never really think about the future because it seems so far away. They figure that they will be young forever. I think there are a lot of us who never grow up. Sure we get older in appearance and become forgetful, but inside we are still little kids. Although I can't stop it, I will always hate growing up. It's one of the reasons why I've decided to do what I've always said I would. I plan to move to Never Never Land and never grow up.
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